Monday, March 26, 2012

CookieCoo Dancing Star (Guest Blogger)

CookieCoo Dancing Star – A New Way of Learning for Children through Edutainment

Learning should be fun. This is what parents and teachers alike agree to when it comes to teaching young children. Fun should be injected in the lessons to be able to catch the attention of young kids so they will be become more interested. Fortunately, in these modern times, the same principle applies with the exception that it makes use of a modern twist. Apps for children like CookieCoo Dancing Star are considered to be the tools of learning nowadays as parents are sure to have different media devices in use. If you have an iPad, you will be able to use it to give your child a chance to develop his coordination skills through the rhythm game of CookieCoo Dancing Star.

Fun apps for children aren't hard to find. The CookieCoo Dancing Star can be easily purchased from the iTunes store at just $0.99. iPad apps for kids such as this can be used by parents to entertain their children for a few sessions or they can use it to teach them how to coordinate their senses properly to hit the right instrument at the right time by following the beat of the music and other cues found in the game. One reason why CookieCoo Dancing Star is listed among the best children apps for iPad is the fact that the interface of the game is easy enough to understand even by a very young child.

Childrens apps are not just designed to entertain youngsters but they can also be used to hone the skills of these players through a series of activities such as rhythm game, sing-along as well as dancing. With CookieCoo Dancing Star containing colorful characters that kids are sure to fall in love with, they will be acting as guides for kids to learn how to sing the song and even dance to the tune as well.

Parents should keep their eyes peeled for top educational apps for children because these apps are useful when it comes to teaching new ideas to kids ranging from toddlers to pre-schoolers.


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