Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Looster

I stumbled upon one of the greatest inventions for potty training and I am excited to share it with you because I have had success in potty training my 20 month old. I began to introduce my baby to the potty before she was 1. Yes, I said one. And it worked! She was potty trained. BUT then I moved and was unable to get her into a routine until she was 18 months old. I tried the same method that I did previously, but it did not work. It didn’t seem like she knew what “pee pee” and “poo poo” were. A few rounds of Elmo’s Potty training DVD and she was excited again, but it was not happening. I bought another potty and put it next to the bed thinking it was a timing issue, but it wasn’t. At one point, I gave up and thought she just was not old enough to control it.

One morning she came with me to the bathroom in the library and I explained I was going to go pee pee. Later that day, she went to the toilet and wanted to pee pee. I showed her the wonderful potty that we bought for her and that we could go pee pee together. Then I realized she did not want to use the baby potty she wanted the big girl toilet. Later that night I received an email from Little Looster asking me to review their product and it could not have been better timing. We were at a point that I was not sure if she wanted to go and we spent lots of time in and around the toilet.

The warehouse must be in the next town over because shipping was super speedy and before I knew it we were ready to go. At first, she was apprehensive of this new toilet accessory. I was happy that it was sturdy, well made and had Ls on it making it fun for her. I never worried about it flipping or her slipping off of it. I allowed her to touch it and step up and down a few times. Days later she is going to the potty on her own. The Little Looster was the piece of the puzzle that I was missing! No wonder it is a 2011 Gold Metal Winner. And it is Made in the USA!

One month update: We are still successful! My little girl is stepping up the front and the sides now.  I am thankful for the little opening that my heels fit into when I am using the toilet. Now if I could only transport the Little Looster in my car to public restrooms.

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