Why blog?

My objective for blogging and this is it: To provide reviews on products that I believe are needed or wanted. My goal is to find products within my the age range of my daughters so that I can test with them. Why do I think my opinion matters? Because I have my Doctorate in Education, Masters in Social Work and Health Services Administration with an undergrad in Psychology. This gives me education in child development necessary to review books, toys, games etc. I currently teach both undergrad and graduate level courses to stay up to date with information. Also, for this reason I am a fan of gadgets, handhelds, wireless, anything electronic is my hobby.

I also want to share with you items that I have purchased with the reasoning behind it and if the items worked as planned. I believe this is going to be an exciting experience and am looking for products to review that apply. I did cloth diaper and on rare occasion would use a disposable diaper. I also breastfed and still cosleep with my children when necessary. I enjoy playing games on Facebook so I will occasionally review an item I have won or purchased for a small business at their request.

Challenge me with your products and I will tell the readers my honest opinion.