Saturday, December 11, 2010

Orbit Travel System

My first product review and it is a MUST have
This is the first product that I used, my Orbit Travel system ( I have to admit that I saw this system on Keeping up with Kardashians. I purchased the system from Baby Earth ( with free shipping and no tax. I purchased the stroller, stroller bag, car seat base (2), infant car seat, bassinet with rocker and later stroller seat. Also, I bought both the small and large rain canopy/mosquito net.
Each item came with a warranty card and more importantly instructions, with pictures! Each piece was very easy to become acquainted with and use. My husband was very pleased from day one with this system (points for me!).

I live in NYC and went to Florida for a month with this system. It worked in both environments and while travelling through the airport also.
Infant Car Seat
We first used the infant car seat to bring her home. She looked very comfortable and cozy. The first time I went to her pediatrician I took the entire seat into the office without the stroller. It was easy to carry and worked very well. I have travelled with this car seat in an airplane from NY to FL, but there were no extra seats to carry it onto the plane.  I used a large laundry bag to cover and the white metal part of the bassinet to attach to the base of the seat in case it was bumped I did not want the circular piece to be damaged. In Florida, we attached a Bright Stars stroller toy to the seat and it worked perfectly.

Car Seat Base
It was worth the decision to purchase two car seat bases especially since she will graduate from the infant car seat to the toddler seat. I believe at some point you can turn the toddler seat to forward facing without needing the base.  Also, you do not need the car seat base when travelling it was just more convenient for me to use it.

The stroller is easily folded and unfolded with one hand. It is possible to carry the baby in the seat in one hand and the stroller in the other hand with a diaper bag across your body. At first glance, the system looks huge, but in reality it is the same width as the other brands, but is longer to accommodate the 360 degree turning radius of the seat. The wheels pop very easily for storage. After I bought the system, I understood the G1 had two cup holders. I prefer one cup holder with areas to put my keys and other items. Also, the handles are adjustable for taller people I have not had the need to adjust them. I bought a stroller lock on Amazon because I live in NY just in case I wanted to take her away from the stroller it attaches to the stroller perfectly. There is a cargo bag at the bottom of the stroller. I personally do not detach it often and carry it around as I have a separate diaper bag, but I do store the weather pack inside of in just in case.

 Weather Pack
Also, the mosquito net came in handy as the hot Florida sun disappeared and the pesky bugs came out.  There were some days I used the canopy and some days I did not just depending on the weather. Now that we will expect snow I will definitely use the canopy.

Stroller Bag
Putting the stroller into the stroller bag at the gate took 10 minutes, but was only time consuming, not difficult. The headrest on the seat and the strap covers saved me buying them.

Up to three months, she enjoyed the bassinet on the stroller (very rarely used the rocker). She loved walks in the park where she was able to lay down and sleep. In the park there were many very windy days, but the depth of the bassinet shielded her from the noise, debris and cold air of the wind.

Stroller Seat
When I purchased the stroller seat my mum said, “Do you really need another seat?” When I used the stroller seat she had more of an opportunity to sit up and look around. I think it was a great idea and as she grows older the bassinet will be folded down and put away and this will be the preferred seat. It has a snack tray that also keeps the child securely in the seat. I have not tried the recline function and I have read reviews about the shade being sloppy and falling out, but I have not encountered that problem.

My favorite features
I cannot finish this review before I mention my favorite two things the 360 and the paparazzi shield. First, the paparazzi shield sounds over the edge, but really it is not. I used it for days that the sun was hot and shining and while I was in the airport. Who wants germs of the world falling on their child? The 360 aspect of the seat is the reason I bought this entire system. There are days where she faces me and days where she faces outward. There are many factors in this such as weather, age, fussiness index (I should make a scale for this). There are actually studies that show (I have seen them, but don’t quote me on this) that it is healthier for children to be able to see their parents and be able to look out.
Every time I use the system I find another reason I love it. I know it is on the pricier side, but it is worth every penny!

(I was not paid to say any of these things. I did not receive a free product to review this is my opinion of the product. I only give honest reviews. Thanks!)


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