Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing catch up

These are the last blogs from Newbie Mum on Facebook:

December 13 at 1:22am ·
NewbieMum Let's talk about shots! She just had her 4 mth shots. I know they are required by the school system and are scientifically proven to give you immunity to X, Y and Z, but are they really? It is like a FDA approved drug that works until it doesn't. Then action is taken. These shots are such a double sided coin.

December 10 at 4:31pm ·
NewbieMum In the hospital they had a plastic container on wheels. I was yelled at one night for having her sleep in the hospital bed with me. (Same people that kept telling me that we should be tummy to tummy as much as possible). At home she has a cosleeper next to the bed and when she is ready to feed we do a side lying position and fall asleep (oops!). So how do you sleep with your baby?

December 9 at 3:47pm ·
NewbieMum So then it was time to breast feed. Well I have a breast and figured if I got her mouth to breast she would know what to do. Wrong! (but you knew that). I had to go to a lactation class where I learned the "nipple" is not the tiny thing on the end and she could take the entire thing into her tiny mouth. So now I knew w...hat I was doing and she decided she wanted to sleep rather than nurse

December 8 at 3:09am ·
NewbieMum At the hospital you are given the choice of "rooming in" or having her stay in a nursery. I chose "rooming in." So there she was looking at me as if she wanted me to keep her warm and protect her. In my mind, I thought what the heck am I going to do with this? Keep in mind she was 5lbs.

December 8 at 3:09am ·
NewbieMum Since it is 3am let me tell you my first thought after she was born. Why did they put that there? She gleamed at me with trusting eyes as if she were saying, "oh there you are. I know you." After our eyes connected I had nothing to say, nothing to think. Only to give her permission to trust me. That was Day 1.

NewbieMum In starting this new page I decided to do what I wanted to when I began Newbie Mum: To have a place where new mums can talk about what's going on with their babies. Mine baby girl is 14 weeks old. How old is your child/ren? What was your first thought after delivery? I realize I am about to post this in the middle of the night and I have 5 likes, but let's give this a go :)

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