Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am still singing, “A New Pair of Shoes,” thanks to Bumblz and friends. The Bumblz Clubhouse Friends was an excellent DVD that contained
·         Bright characters
·         Various sounds and songs
·         Allowed children to use their imagination
·         Overcame obstacles
·         Problem solving
·         Utilized key words that a child (depending on age) should know such as shoes, wood, guitar.
·         Diverse characters
·         Demonstrated teamwork
I really enjoyed the sing-alongs at the end and the continuous play option. My five month old was fixated on the television for almost the entire 20 minutes. And I did not mind her paying attention to characters that are a positive influence!

Are you ready for an adventure? Check out Bumblz: The Pirates Treasure
·         Featuring the same bright, unique characters as in Clubhouse Friends that your child has grown to love.
·         All children love a treasure hunt and they are in store for an excellent finding in this treasure chest.
·         There are instruments such as the flute and accordion that are played by the characters.
·         This story was a little more adventurous than Clubhouse Friends since they encounter darkness, waterfall, and a well that they had to travel down.
·         The key to opening the door was completing a math problem. An excellent learning tool!
For my five month old this story was a less catchy as she is looking for constant bright colors, loud noises and singing. She probably stuck with it about 7 minutes, which is good for a 5 month old that was starting to get hungry and tired.
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I was not paid to say any of these things. I did receive free product to test, but this did not affect or influence my opinion of the product. I did not get paid to write this review.

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