Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jack the Cuddly Dog, Jack Goes West

Your child will be wondering where's Jack’s red ball too!
If you are looking for a DVD for a child 0-3 years old this is it! It is a mix of animation with live shots of various places all across the country. Let me highlight some of the features I noted:
·         Uses familiar words such as train, ball, balloon, kicked
·         The audio matches each scene with added musical arrangements and sound effects
·         Great for teaching up/down, near/far, etc.
·         Many things to point out while watching: animals, shapes, weather
·         I could even see an older child watch it to see a clip of the Grand Canyon or other landmarks
My 19 week old girl was interested in the beginning, but lost focus as any almost 5 month old would. Could have also been a cold that she is fighting.
I hope to see not only more DVDs about Jack, but also a soft fuzzy lovie Jack for my little one to hold while watching the movie.
Please enjoy the following press release and consider welcoming Jack into your home.

Press release:
New York, NY, October 25, 2010 – Following on their promise to make baby and toddler videos that appeal to parents as well as kids, Hello Baby Productions has released the second video of the series titled, Jack Goes West!

Jack, the Cuddly Dog is an adorable animated puppy who lives in a little blue house in Central Park, New York City. In this beautifully shot animation and live action video, Jack’s favorite red ball takes a life of its own when Jack gives it an extra big kick. It bounces out of Central Park, out of the City, and clear across the great American west. Jack chases his runaway ball by plane, train, automobile and balloon. He meets many new friends along the way, such as buffalo, deer and sea lions as he visits the grand canyon, great redwood forests and the beautiful California coast. But will Jack ever get his ball back?

Together with Jack, children are introduced to spatial concepts and relationships while listening to beautiful original arrangements of American classics such as Coming Around the Mountain, Home on the Range, You Are My Sunshine and others.

The video is available at www.jackthecuddlydog.com, and soon at www.amazon.com, www.kidsfirst.org, www.littleonebooks.com,  and select retailers.

Jack Goes West! is the second episode of the Jack, the Cuddly Dog series produced by Hello Baby Productions. Applauded by Filmmaker Magazine as “the cutest cartoon canine ever,” Jack delights parents as well their toddlers and babies and provides a fun and entertaining experience to enjoy together.

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